Traveling the world is a dream we all dream. The Welcome Hub is now making this dream virtually come true. Watch Season One of this journey around fourteen cities in twelve countries.

The Welcome Journey – Season ONE

This is an incredibly exciting adventure around the world, where you are going to experience fantastic images, videos, sounds, music, emotions, people, cultures – and also learn about each one of our destinations.

Get ready to fall in love with an amazing journey around the world.

Season ONE

Episode 1 – Departure from New York City (USA)

Episode 2 – Reykjavik (Iceland) / Nuuk (Greenland)

Episode 3 – Venice (Italia)

Episode 4 – Rome (Italia)

Episode 5 – Istambul (Turkey)

Episode 6 – Guangzhou (China)

Episode 7 – Morocco (Africa)

Episode 8 – Antarctica

Episode 9 – São Paulo (Brasil)

Episode 10 – Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Southern Brasil

Episode 11 – Rio (Brasil)

Episode 12 – Los Angeles (USA)

Episode 13 – Back to New York(USA)

Vote in your favorite city to see it on Season TWO. We promise we will do everything to make your wish come true.