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Mirrors Mirrors

Life & Peace, Infinity Mirror Rooms

By Irene Toscano

There is an incredible exhibition going on in Chelsea right now called the Festival of Life by the renowned Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama. 


You probably have already seen it throughout Instagram and Facebook, since these Infinity Mirror Rooms seem to have taken the Social Media sphere by storm. But the Exhibition is much more than just some mere "visually attractive" snaps you can post on your Instagram stories. 

Yayoi Kusama is a visionary artist born in Matsumoto, Japan, in 1929,  and she's considered one of the most important artists in Pop art and Minimalism of the second half of the 20th Century with over 70 years of work.  She studied painting in Kyoto and moved to NYC in the 50s where she begun her career and develop her unique style that is regarded as both "sensory and utopian." 

The Creation of Art is a Solitary Pursuit.
— Yayoi Kusama, Avant-Gard Artist

The Exhibition which as any Kusama's works thrives to fill the gap between the wonder of Life  and the tragic reality of the world we live in where Peace seems to always be so elusive  is a coronation to the Artist ultimate desire  - "My greatest desire is is that my vision of a future of eternal harmony among people be carried on."

The Exhibitions runs on 3 locations, 2 in Chelsea where the Infinity Mirror Rooms are located, and 1 in the new gallery in the Upper East Side.  

The Exhibition will run until December 16th, 2017, so, hurry up & go! 

Where: David Zwirner Gallery 525 - 533 West 19th Street + 34 E 69th Street

When: Open only Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am - Follow the gallery Twitter Account for updates & last-minutes - @davidzwirner.

Tip: Start the line early in the morning to have moderate waiting (i.e. 9:00am) - Avoid the weekends & afternoons when waiting times can reach up to 4 - 6 hours. 

Irene in the first Infinity Mirror Room

Infinty Mirrors - Room 2

Infinity Mirror Room 1

Tulip with Red-Polka Dots 

Festival of Life Paintings

Yayoi Kusama Paintings

Paintings by Japanese Artist - Yayoi Kusama

Christmas in New York is NOT over

Christmas in New York is NOT over

Thanksgiving as a New Yorker

Thanksgiving as a New Yorker