New York is a vibrant city. You probably have heard, it never sleeps. And as Frank said again and again: "If you can make it here you can make it anywhere."

It's a concrete jungle where dreams are made. More than 8.5 million people from all over the world call the Big Apple home, and another 60 million or so visit it every year.

That happens for a good reason: no matter what you love or which are your interests – art, food, architecture, photography, shopping, sightseeing, theater, music, romance, adventure, exploration – New York is the place where you can find it all and much more.

It's a new surprise on every corner, every day. It's a dream in every heart. Just have your eyes and sensibility open. In New York you can learn a new thing every single day. In New York you can make your dream come true. So, why not give it a try?

A Unicorn in New York City

A Unicorn in New York City


By Irene Toscano

Okay, so are you one of those that get hyper excited when she sees something remotely Unicorn-y? No? too bad maybe this story isn't for you. Yes? Well, welcome to the club! Every time I see online a place offering some new concoction of colorful rainbows, I secretly pray it's a place in New York City. One day, I was completely heartbroken when I found the Unicorn Cafe that is completely unicorn themed just to find out it's located in Bangkok, Thailand.  I mean, it gave me some great ideas for the next trip adventure, but still, I was actually P.O. that Facebook thought it is was local news enough to show me the post; like instead of ordering a Uber, I'll get myself a jet and be on my merry way. Local search my a$#! 

Anyway rant over,  I may or may not have a Google alert for the word Unicorn + New York, can't confirm nor deny. None the less, it should come to no surprise that when I found myself wondering around Orchard Street, in the Lower East Side, and stumble upon New Territories, I was enamored by their Unicorn Milkshake.  

New Territories – 190 Orchard Street  |  New York, NY 10002  |  Phone (646) 649.4521  |  SUN - WED: 1PM–10PM|  THURS - SAT: 1PM–11PM

Truth to be told, the first time I happened to be in New Territories, I was with friends right after brunch, and we actually got to try their Japanese Waffle Ice-cream. The thing is that we didn’t know they had anything remotely Unicorn-y, and we wanted to share some Ice-cream. But as I was stepping outside I glanced over at the Menu, and there it was "Unicorn Milkshake." I was a bit annoyed at myself for not checking the Menu before ordering, and I thought to order the Milkshake on top of the ice-cream, but my better judgment told me that wasn't such a great idea after the brunch we just had.

The Unicorn Milkshake at New Territories

Anyway, I had my friend pinky-promise me to come back for the shake, so a few days later, in the middle of the week, I skipped my Pilates Lesson (bad bad bad) to try my Shake! 

You know when you see something and you can't get it right away, and then your mind start conjuring up all the possible way it could go, or taste, and so on? Sometimes you do that and you end up disappointed because it doesn't live up to the expectations you have been building. That's why I believe in instant gratification that way you don’t have the time to build up impossible expectations that are inevitably going to spoil the experience you could have had, or at least this is my excuse for wanting everything right away. 

Anyway, want to know if it lived up to my expectations? Are you sure you really want to know? Lol, Yassssss! It was perfect, sweet but not fake-sweet (unfortunately, like my Starbuck Unicorn Frap),  well-balanced flavors, all the right colorful trims to make it visually attractive, and has to be nutritious too because c'mon milk is good.

I love Unicorn things, but I'm not naïve enough to think they all taste good, actually most of them are as visually attractive as tastefully inedible.  So, New Territories Unicorn Milkshake was a great surprise.

I'm like a hopeless believer in Unicorn-themed foods who knows in advance they wont' taste good but keeps trying different ones hoping one day maybe she'll get it right; and 99% of the times gets exactly what she expected, nada, but then that 1% makes up for all the 99%  disappointment … And New Territories is definitely 1%.



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