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Burger + Lobster

Burger + Lobster

Burger & lobster: is it a good combination?

By Irene Toscano

Few weeks ago I bought a Groupon because I decided to try Kickboxing with one of my besties, and we conveniently scheduled our first class at 8 pm, just in time to grab dinner afterwards. First let me tell you I almost die during that hour-long class … I mean c'mon how many times can I go up, down, run, stop, kick, punch, run again, stop again, plank, jump up, ugh. Anyway, at least afterwards I had the perfect excuse to go eat at Burger and Lobster – Yay, me! 

Even though it was a mid-week night, around 9:30 pm, the restaurant was pretty busy, and if you have been there before, you know it's quite big! We waited for about 15-25 minutes all the while we kept looking at the poor lobsters in the fish-tank. I think I took a Snap of them with the caption "Sorry Not Sorry" #oops

My friend is a usual here, but for me it was my first time.  I can’t imagine of a better combination … I mean Lobster and Burger,  c'mon now! Anyway, the menu is exactly what the name of the place reads, few Burger options, few Lobster options, with couple of sides and what I think are a great ideas– The Combo Platters. 

You can choose between a regular burger or the Foie-gras burger, I know poor Duffy-duck. I wanted to go with the traditional, really, but I love Foie-gras, even tough it gives me incredible guilt trips afterward because one time I watched how they actually make this delicacy, and let's just say it not animal friendly. But I guess we all have our own flows, right? 

Anyway, I went with the BIG BOSS Combo, a pound of lobster, grilled with butter sauce, medium-well-done Foie-gras burger, and a side of salad and sweet French-Fries. They way the get the food to you is using what looks like a half-rack baking pan and you have it all there in front of you. For the Lobster they also brig the cracker so you can have some fun eating away.

Prices:  Mid

Good for: friends night out; easy date.

Vote: 2 Thumbs Up & then some …

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Made in New York

Made in New York

18 Years Old in New York City

18 Years Old in New York City