When you are in New York, head over the Brooklyn Bridge into DUMBO. Nestled in DUMBO is Brooklyn Bridge Park where Jane’s Carousel was recently relocated. The carousel (merry-go-round, as we called them) had been resting in a storefront on Water Street for years, awaiting its main stage position between the two bridges. It’s a wonderful place to see spectacular views of Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights, and a great area to walk, shop and explore many remnants of old New York.

A Carousel Tale in Brooklyn

By Lucas Compan, guest storyteller

 Jane's Carousel (formerly Idora Park Merry-Go-Round) is a carved, wooden, 48-horse carousel that was built in 1922 for the Idora Park amusement park in Youngstown, Ohio, by the Philadelphia Toboggan Companys. It was carved by John Zalar and Frank Carretta, each of whom is attributed with carvings on carousels constructed by PTC and other carousel companies like Looff. Jane's Carousel was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on February 6, 1975, the first carousel to receive such designation.

Now, enjoy this beautiful story of dedication, patience, and incredibly detailed art work of Jane Walentas.

Jane Walentas and probably the first horse selfie ever :-) 

Jane's Carousel is located at the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Source: Jane's Carousel official website


If you want to dive deep into this story, you should read this insider Interview with Jane Walentas of Jane's Carousel

Hours, Tickets & Directions


September 21, 2015 to May 8, 2016

Thursday to Sunday
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


May 9, 2016 to September 18, 2016

Open 6 days closed Tuesdays
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Carousel ride US$2




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